Discover Your New Life With Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Curriculum

The following is our unique Tai Chi ranking system. In order to test for a rank you must know all the techniques and concepts of all previous ranks and the rank you are testing for. As a new student of Tai Chi you start as a white sash. Tai Chi is a journey of self discovery. How can you truly know others if you don't know self.

Stage 1 Yellow Sash

  • The meaning of Tai Chi and the style you are learning
  • Chinese and English Tai Chi vocabulary
  • Song Gong
  • Zhan Zhuang
  • 8 Tai Chi Stances
  • 4 Tai Chi Strikes
  • 4 Tai Chi Kicks
  • 9 Movement Tai Chi Form

How do Classes Work?

How do classes work?

You make the decision to Discover Your New Life with Tai Chi, Decide on a class that fits your schedule, Sign up and attend your class or classes.

What equipment will I need?

One of the great things about Tai Chi is that it doesn't require the need of any special equipment.

Will do I need to wear?

You will want to wear comfortable clothes. Clothes that you normally wear to work out.

How long are classes?

Most of our classes are set for 1 hour. If you would like a longer class, you can always book a private lesson and schedule it for longer than an hour.

Pricing & Memberships

Single Class Pass


We offer this simple option in case you don't want to sign up for a membership and would rather pay by the class.

8 Private Lessons


We offer this option if you would like to book 8 classes ahead of time. Our normal price for 8 private lessons is $320. Save $30 by booking 8 lessons at once.

Single Class Pass


This is our most popular option. This membership option is for those students that would like to come to a group class once a week.

Judy Horning

“I began Tai Chi this year with the hope that this could benefit rheumatoid arthritis. Don is a very knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic teacher. As I begin to learn this art I am amazed at the increase in strength, confidence and calmness I’m having. In the beginning I was skeptical of the benefits, viewing it is slow and boring in comparison to gymnastics, as was my background. I have learned to not underestimate the work out! Tai chi has turned out to be exactly what I needed. It has also provided emotional healing for me. Tai chi is truly an amazing art. I am so thankful I found a New Life Tai Chi!"

Christoper Laverty

"Shifu Don is an excellent teacher! He’s knowledgeable, engaging, and knows how to explain information in an easily digestible manner. New Life Kung Fu is an excellent place to develop your mind and body!"

Nancy Wolnowsky

"Don is a great instructor! I took Tai Chi many years ago in another state but something was missing...the WHY of what I was doing. The art seems to be about slow graceful moves, but Don showed me that it's really a defense practice! His teaching style shows and explains how each move is working against an opponent. What appears to be a gentle sweep of the arms is really slamming your opponent on the ground... practice in slow motion! I love it! I've gained strength, balance, and coordination! It's harder than you think. Give it a try! Thanks, Don!"

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